drawn up on 01– 03 – 2023 // last update 01– 03 – 2023

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AM BACH is a company that rents out apartments in Fürth, Austria. There are situations in which your data is collected by AM BACH. It is therefore good that you know what is done with it and how you can indicate your wishes regarding your data. That is what this statement is about. If you do not feel comfortable with the use of your data by AM BACH, please feel free to contact us at

Personal data is collected by AM BACH for a number of purposes. These are explained below.

01. Get in touch

Your data will be collected if you contact AM BACH via the website. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to be able to offer a proposal or service, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and subject. Data can also be collected through other correspondence and by telephone, these are only data that you actively provide yourself.

02. Registration forms

Your data will be collected when you register for the rental of an apartment via AM BACH. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to properly offer a rental agreement, such as your: First and last name, Gender, Date of birth, Address and Place of residence, Telephone number and E-mail address. Other personal data that you actively provide in correspondence and by telephone will not be stored after use.

03. Analytics

The AM BACH website collects your data to improve the website. This is done with Google Analytics. This data is anonymous and is therefore not linked to your personal data. Think of information such as the duration of your website visit or the pages you visit a lot. All data will only be processed with your explicit consent or for the implementation of the agreements that are entered into.

Our website and/or service does not intend to collect data about website visitors under the age of 16. Unless they have parental or guardian consent. However, we cannot check whether a visitor is older than 16. We therefore advise parents to be involved in the online activities of their children, in order to prevent data about children from being collected without parental consent. If you are convinced that we have collected personal information about a minor without this permission, please contact us at INFO@AMBACH.ONLINE and we will delete this information.

The data that AM BACH receives and processes are managed by means of:

01. Hosting

AM BACH’s e-mail is hosted at Hostnet. If you contact us via the forms or via e-mail, the relevant e-mails will be stored on Hostnet’s servers.

02. Registrations

Our website / email server is placed with the above hosting company. The registrations are stored on the server of this company. In addition, before the start of the relevant rental period, we download the file with the necessary data so that we can perform our service as well as possible.


01. Get in touch

The moment you contact AM BACH via e-mail, the data you send, such as your name, company name and e-mail address, will be stored on the mail server. These emails are stored for a maximum of two years.

02. Registrations

When you register via our website or via email, your data will be stored for a maximum of two years. Exception to data on invoices with regard to the legal retention period of the tax authorities.

03. Analytics

The data that Analytics collects on the website is anonymous, so it is not linked to your name, company or e-mail address. This data is stored indefinitely within Google Analytics.

Only physical copies of your personal data will be made prior to a rental period if necessary and only by the owner or manager of AM BACH. Physical copies are not shared or stored with third parties.

Furthermore, your data is only managed in the aforementioned systems and software. The personal data managed by AM BACH or by the aforementioned third parties can only be accessed via the above software and is password protected. The devices that open your data are each also locked with a password and/or fingerprint. The number of devices that have access to your data is limited to only the necessary devices.


01. Right of access

You have the right to request your data that is recorded and stored at AM BACH at any time. You do this by sending an e-mail or contacting AM BACH by telephone. You will then receive an overview of your data.

02. Right to rectification

Is your data incorrect? Or have your details changed? You have the right to have this rectified by AM BACH.

03. Right of transfer

If you need the data stored at AM BACH in case you switch to another party or service, you have the right to transfer. AM BACH must hereby transfer all your data to the other party.

04. Right to erasure of data

Do you no longer want your data to be recorded at AM BACH? Then you have the right to have your data erased.

05. Right to stop data use (objection)

Do you not want AM BACH to use your data? Then you have the right to stop the use of your personal data. These rights can be exercised via by sending a copy of an ID proof in which the passport photo, the numbers at the bottom of the passport, ID proof number and Personal Number have been made illegible. The aim is to respond within a week.

AM BACH processes personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, namely a commercial interest. This includes offering AM BACH services or products via e-mail. Your data will never be sold to third parties. The data that is mandatory to provide are the minimum data required for offering the services or products. For example, your e-mail address is required to be able to send confirmations and information regarding the rental period. If this mandatory information is not provided, AM BACH cannot offer the relevant service. If it is necessary to share data that you have shared with AM BACH with others than the parties mentioned above (for example, to offer a service), your permission will first be requested.

AM BACH reserves the right to disclose the data when required by law or when AM BACH deems it justified to comply with a legal request/process or to protect the rights, property or safety of AM BACH. We always try to respect your right to privacy as much as possible. AM BACH takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes. If you feel that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, please contact us at INFO@AMBACH.ONLINE.